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Disaster Recovery

The Texas Gulf Coast is not stranger to natural disasters, and many are still recovering from Harvey’s impact. An estimated 3 million people were affected, and 150,000 homes were severely damaged.

3 Years After Hurricane Harvey, Many Houston Homeowners Don’t Know Who’s At Risk Next

Quick Qabinets specializes in getting people back into their homes as soon as possible. The kitchen in a home is where the heart is. We have been working with disaster recovery groups in Gulf Coast area since 2018. We have delivered 200 kitchen a year and we have 400 happy references!  

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Contractors, Builders and Remodelers

Quick Qabinets offers pricing and support for our building partners.

Quick Qabinets offers distributor pricing, measurement services, engineered shop drawings and professional installation for our contractors, homebuilders, and remodelers. Let us be your strategic partner on all of your projects. Free delivery in 1 week. Installation in 1 day!

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Multi-Family Projects

Quick Qabinets has recently received our certifications from the City of Houston and the State of Texas in 5 categories. DBE, MBE, SBE, WBE, HUB, and 8a and Section 3.

Quick Qabinets has 25 years of manufacturing, distribution, and project management of cabinetry and countertops for Multi-Family Projects. Our credentials are impeccable, and our clients will vouch for our outstanding logistics management.

Our proposals include:

  • Full turnkey service which includes design, engineering, measurements, delivery, installation, and final punch and detailing of all cabinets and countertop installation and appliances.
  • A unique operational system that streamlines and shortens times of installation, guaranteeing a quick delivery of the project.
  • A full-time project manager who will coordinate all operations including staging and installation, quality control, and communication.